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When you really feel different

Everybody knows the story of a blond girl making a safari in Africa in the middle of nowhere and when native people see her they want to touch her hair, etc... right?
Well I can understand that this happens in some faraway country where they don't know about TV and internet.
But can you believe that this kind of situation happens to me so often in second biggest city of a economical leading country like Japan. Ok, Toyonaka is in the outskirt of Osaka but still has 400'000 habitants.
I just gonna tel you the best story that happened this week.
I went to the park with my coworker for lunch as we do almost every day.
But this time there is some kind of elementary school excursion and there are about hundred kinds, all wearing the same red hat, crawling around further away from us. Suddenly three or four of them are running around us and at the very moment the girls see me they slow down, their facial expression radically changes. The one girl completely froze and is staring at me. She really can't get her eyes away, her mouth open. I could just read in their eyes what was going on in her intrigued head:
"Ooh, that's on of those "foreigners".... I've seen a couple of the on TV but I didn't know they really do exist...!"
As she could breath again she said, as she learned during English classes: -"HELLO... "
-"konnichiwa..." did I reply in Japanese.
-"Bla bla bla..." ( I didn't understand that one...sorry)
-"O namae wa nan desu ka?" I asked for her name.
-She answers hiding her name tag on her T-shirt: "I don't talk to strangers!!" and ran away as fast as her feet could carry her.
- Well, honey it seems to me that you started the conversation, didn't you...?

As we were still laughing and trying to understand this funny situation, she comes back towing her teacher by the hand. She's pointing at me and says to her teacher something like: "see, I told you there was one..."

Can you believe that?
I think it is really difficult to interpret those kind of situations. Ok, Japan is an island but still...

Was not that girl but I thought you might like a picture...

Posted by oliver_f 04:40

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