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36 °C

Yes, I know it’s been a loooong time since my last blog entry. But at least I now have a lot to talk about. And on the other hand... I didn’t get that many mails from your side neither, thus I guess you were busy out there too.

It seems that life is just going on, kids are still pointing at foreigners, I have eaten a lot of rice so far and my Japanese is getting a little bit better but still not quiet there yet…
So I’ll just drop some lines about a following topics:

Business: things are a little smoother now. I’m “only” working 10 hours a day instead of 14 like until a couple of weeks ago. I passed from executing simple and boring tasks to “project leader” for one of the major project that the company has been doing. It is a project in 3 phases, soon the third and last phase should be starting. Leading an interesting and important project means as well a lot a responsibility and obviously a lot of overtime. But the good thing is that I could go to Seattle to present the project to the client. Went well. And of course I went down to San Francisco for the weekend… Was fun.
But of course next to that main project, about 6 other are running at the same time.
So you might now understand why after sitting so many hours at my desk I didn’t feel like playing around on my blog.

Summer: when people told me “you’ll see the Japanese summer is dam’ hot” …
I was like yeah, yeah, can’t be that bad. I’ve been to Costa Rica and it was fine.
But I was wrong. The big difference is that here you can’t walk around wearing flip-flops shorts and sleeveless T-shirt and head to the beach to catch a wave.
No, no, here you wear shoes, jeans and (T-)shirt and your not supposed to have a sweaty forehead and sweat stains on your shirt.
I don’t know how Japanese people can look so fresh wearing long sleeve shirt and even a jacket???
I get u in the morning have a shower, have breakfast, get dressed and buy the time on putting my shoes on I already need to shower again.
From 35 to 38 °C and 40 to 90% of humidity… niiiiice. Sticky, stinky, thirsty, sweaty, lazy, …

Karate: I practice twice a week but with the heat it is quite a challenge. You can imagine how much I sweat during a 3.5 hours practice if I get sweaty doing nothing… I feel like dying about 3 times an hour. But some how I’m still more or less standing at the end of the practice.
In the meantime I passed two exams and I am supposed to attend the test to become black belt in December. Well, it seems that my master is pushing hard. And yes, he is not afraid to use one of his many sticks to make karate students work harder… old school but seems to work well.
The Saturday practice is waaaaay south of Osaka, it takes about 1.5 hours by bicycle, train and walk to get there. In other words my Saturday is kind of busy.

Sundays: I really cherish this day hanging out with some French and Japanese friends. We usually meet at 11am and go for a one-day trip and visit a castle or a park in a nearby city or so.
It is good the get out of this concrete-grave called Osaka…

finally had some vacation. It started with a 3-day-karate-summer-camp. The location was beautiful, somewhere in the mountains south of Osaka. The practice was intense, starting with a walk at 6am and finishing at 9pm with karate practice. And after the shower… beer with my master… I was smashed.

Then I went for two days with some friends to Kanazawa, a green city 3 hours N-E of Osaka. A little bit smaller than Kyoto but as well filled with temples and other historically interesting sites.

Kanazawa: In the famous park of Kenrokuen with my Japanese and French friends

Kanazawa: damn... we forgot to put on our kimonos...

Kanazawa: Old geisha district. That guy really looks like a tourist...

Kanazawa: Old geisha district. Hold on!

And finally I made this 12hours bus ride south to visit my coworker down in Kagoshima, his hometown. From there, with his family we drove two days thru Kyushu, took the ferry and hopped from one little island to another one. One word: beautiful.

Kyushu: Sakurashima in the back, the Minami family in the front.

Kyushu: Big buddies!

Kyushu: A bit cheesy but nice.

Kyushu: Islands on a very hot and misty summer day

Kyushu: Kagoshima city and view of still active volcano of Sakurashima

Kyushu: Sakurashima from another place more South...

Osaka, Yodobashi Camera. In case you need a mobile phone... you can go to Yodobashi Camera, the biggest electronic consumer goods seller in Osaka. This is just the one floor for mobile phone. The ultimate example of overconsumption...

…and now I’m back to work.

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ahhhhhhhhhh enfin!!!! commençais vraiment à m'inquièter! ça fait plaisir d'avoir de tes news!
t'as l'air en forme! force pas trop sur le karaté, tu vas finir telle une armoire à glace!!pas eu de tremblements de terre??

by joveil

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