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One Step Closer...

Certificate Of Eligibility

I was very happy and exited to see the FedEx delivery car stopping at my house today!
He brought me the famous "Certificate of Eligibility".
So now I have to head to Bern with this document and get my visa done.

Ceritficate of Eligibilty

Today we also set the starting date at the company: March 1rst.
Obviously I'll head there a little earlier to find out a cosi place to stay. And this is something that won't be that easy...
I first things first: better start packing : )

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Getting Ready

Visa Stories

Everything started with an application for a junior design position at a Japanese company more than 6 months ago. It happened that they agreed on hiring me and wanted to apply for a work visa, respectively a “Certificate of eligibility”. This is the required document to get the actual visa in Switzerland.
Weeks are passing by...
The answer of the immigration in Osaka: “you’re not eligible since you won’t earn enough in that company”… How cool is that!
After this unsuccessful first trial and some negotiations with the company we reapplied a second time.
Weeks are passing by…
Months are passing by…
The very day I decided to abort this whole story I got the answer that the immigration office accepted our application. So now I’m eligible!
This document is currently on its way to my mailbox in Switzerland.
Once I get it I’ll rush to the Japanese embassy in Bern to get my visa done.
So it seems that I’ll be leaving very soon, but there is no starting date set at the company yet.


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