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The daily Routine

Well, I guess that by reading my through my blog so far you were thinking "... this Oliver has an easy life, just hanging around in Kyoto and eat sushi.." All wrong!

I had to wait a little to describe the standard daily pace.
Usually try to be up at 8am then study for an hour Japanese before I eat a "heavy duty" breakfast.
So work starts at 10am (and now you think again that's an easy one...)
fortunately I don't have to commute, it's just 5min away by foot.
The official lunch break is from 12.30 to 13.30 during which I usually have lunch at Makoto's place or go for one of "o'bento" "take away menu" place. It is possible to get really good food for a couple of Yens.
Then back to work for the hardest part: official leaving hour is 7pm... but it usually get at least 8... 9... or 12pm. I guess that you already knew about Japanese working hours. After dinner at home I try to spend some time learning vocabulary. I other words it can get a little late. You might now understand why you don't get so many email and I'm not adding so often new entries in my blog.
I really wonder why office hours are so shifted??

The office in which I work is fairly small, about 10 people working. All employee are really nice and helpful. No one except Makoto so to say, can speak English.
That is good for my Japanese but can get tricky when I should understand quickly something... luckily we're designer and can draw :)
Ok, ok, I have to admit too that it's quite challenging to work on Japanese computer programs... so I mainly use my own laptop.
They're very encouraging me when I try to speak in Japanese. I get the usual "Gambatte, gambatte" "Give your best/try again".
One emplyee still made a comment that that it might be better for me to take Japanese classes instead of karate classes... grrrrr
Among employees the hierarchy is fairly flat. The BIG step is towards the president of the company and his wife who is working there too.
I really have to change my behavior and use a different vocabulary when I have a discussion with him/them.
One example that shows (at least for me) that they treat me "equally" is that I can join meeting with clients even if I don't get much of the discussion.
I think the most difficult part of the work is to judge how much personal initiative is expected from the single employee. Quite challenging for me since I like to take decisions and initiatives... Sometimes I really have to contain myself. But all this is part of the deal, and I knew that before I came.

Each week every employee gets a new weekly task: I started with emptiyng trash bins, then vacuuming. There one weekly duty is to bring tea during meeting with clients. It might sound laim and easy to you, but one of the employee explained me what the proper/ traditional look like.
First you have to check out the table where people are seated.
The clients are seating on one side the host on the other. The lowest in rank will be seated the closest to the entrance, the highest the furthest away from the door. For the hosts the layout is mirrored, obviously.
Once you retained how many of them were there, you'll prepare the green tea in the kitchen. First you preheat the bowls and get the water at 90 degrees. And now it gets interesting: you'll pour the tea starting with the one for the person lowest in rank of the hosts. Then continue clockwise and finish with the very first bowl. Like this, the person with the lowest rank will get the "top and bottom" from the tea. The "top" is not yet very tasty, the "bottom" might gotten a little bitter and colder... You see everything has a reason.
If you're lucky you might remember which bowl was for who and if you're really smart you serve them in the correct order, starting from the highest in rank from the clients. Pfff, more than just tea as you can see...
(corrections are welcome)

Of course there are many other things to write about but a public blog might not be the appropriate place to talk about this things. Not that there is much negative to talk about but it might just be too private for me or for the company.

Okay, that about it for today, I should go back to my vocabulary. There is lots left to be learned.

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It Seems Not To Be Obvious

But There Are More Than Two Pictures...

Well, I have to admit that it is not that obvious but I added more than just one blog entry with two pictures last night.
If you go on the MAIN PAGE you will find all my blog entries with a couple of pictures. There are even some more pictures if you check out the following link:
Or click on the right hand side on OLIVER_F and then you will see the PHOTOGRAPHY link appearing.
By for now,

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Just a small One...

To Get Jealous

Have a look of what a privilege it is to stay at Makoto and Tomoko's house!
As you can seen they really take care of me. Tomoko's kitchen is best. Prepared with attention and in a traditional way. 大好き! (I love it ...)


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One of Osaka's "Dowtown"

Just a few bus and train stations away is "Shinsekai". The hot spot for Electronic consumer goods and gambling shops. I have never seen so much electronics in one spot. There is such an overflow of colours and information, it's like carnival.
Makoto-San and me in Shinsekai

Men, when we are talking about "a world of consumption"... well I really wonder who can buy all this stuff! Don't tell anybody that I'm a designer that creates all this stuff...
Lots of peolpe...
Fashion victim...
A famous advertising: don't ask me why.

As soon as you enter one of these gambling place or "game-centa" as they are called a deafening noise of falling coins knocks you out. Hee hee, I don't have to describe the king of guys erring in those places.
What a geometry!
Funny building in Osaka

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Bike ride To Minoh

A Park At The Border Of The City

Well, I could borrow Tomoko's bicycle, it was a little small: just imagine me on a tiny race bike... Maybe I have to mention here that it was my first time cycling one left-hand traffic. Plus that there is actually no precise traffic regulation for bicyles as far as I could understand. If you're fast you ride on the lane the cars which are driving in the same direction. If you ride on one of those "mama-tsharry" as they call the bicycle with the little basket on the handle-bar, you can drive against the traffic or on the "pavement". It can lead to some funny situations.
In the north of Toyonaka there is this little city called Minoh. And after Minoh it gets hilly. As I was climbing the steepness of the hill there are a couple a monkeys playing crazy on the road about two meter away from me...

Monkey on the road... ups

How would you react? I felt something like fear and excitement. Of course my next reaction was to grab my camera! Hee hee, nice one!

Ok, that one was not on the road but really cute

Then I found this trail leading to the Minoh park. Quite nice with it's water fall at the end of the trail. The only pity was that the main part of the way was asphalted... thus I didn't have the full feeling of nature : (

Minoh park's water fall.

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